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Play Ping-Pong® With Robo-Pong / Enjoy Fitness & Fun!

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What is Robo-Pong?

  • SOLO-PONG™ ‒ Now you can play ping-pong® by yourself!
  • FUN – Have fun with family and friends!
  • EXERCISE – A great workout for your body and mind!
  • TRAINING – Learn to play table tennis like the pros!
  • USER-FRIENDLY – Easy to set-up, use, store and transport!
  • AFFORDABLE – Great value with five models to choose from!

Play ping pong® with Robo-Pong – anytime, anywhere, no partner needed!

Newgy Industries, Inc. is the world leader in table tennis (ping-pong®) robots/ball machines. Newgy is renowned for high quality, smartly engineered table tennis products that are also affordable.

Newgy Robo-Pong® is an interactive robot used to play and practice table tennis anytime, without a partner! Robo-Pong is one of the best home-use games for family fun and entertainment, as well as for fitness and exciting competition. It is also used by professional and Olympic table tennis players to practice and train.

Available in several models, including two new Digital models, Robo-Pong fits all standard ping-pong® tables, and is easy to set up, use, take down and store.

In addition to the Robo-Pong, Newgy also manufactures a variety of other table tennis supplies and equipment including table tennis balls, table tennis paddles, court barriers and table tennis robot accessories, such as Pong-Master, Robo-Tote, Robo-Caddy, Robo-Balls and Pong-Pal.

Table tennis is a fun game that is a lot like tennis on a very small scale. The players have to hit a small, hollow celluloid ball with paddles, sending it over the net and onto the other player's side. That player then has a chance to return the ping-pong ball; if they do, the game continues. If they do not, a point has been scored. The basic premise of table tennis, however, is generally the same for every game. This also known as ping pong® in many circles, though that is not its official name.

It is important to have the best table tennis equipment. While this can be a rather relaxed game, it can also get very competitive. There are tournaments all around the world every year, including a World Championship. As with any sport, top-notch equipment is required to play well at such a high level. It is also required just to provide the best game possible. Just as basketball players would not play with a worn or deflated basketball, table tennis players would not play with poor equipment.

Table tennis equipment can vary as far as quality is concerned. The balls, for instance, are ranked with stars. Balls with only one star are of a lower quality. They will not bounce as well off of the table, they vary in weight, diameter and roundness, and they may be more prone to breaking. Balls with three stars will bounce exceptionally well. This provides for a fast-paced game where the skill of the players is not diminished at all by a lack in equipment quality. Ping pong® players need this at the top levels since so much of the game depends on speed and technical perfection; they need the ball to curve when they put side spin on it or dive when put lots of top spin on it, and they cannot afford to have it act in an unexpected manner.